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Here at The Pudding Truck our mission is to bring the creamy goodness of gourmet old-fashioned American-style pudding to the people of Los Angeles. Of course unlike the stuff that most of us are used to, our pudding doesn't come from a box but instead is hand-whisked on the stove top in small batches to ensure top-notch quality. To maintain a perfectly smooth texture, we thicken our puddings with the help of cornstarch. This keeps us from having to rely solely on eggs, enables all of our puddings to be completely gluten-free, and allows us to create delicious vegan flavors. We strive to always use the best possible ingredients in all of our puddings, and our dairy flavors are always made with organic milk and cream, and humanely harvested cage free eggs. Our menu regularly changes to take advantage of in-season ingredients, including our various toppings that allow everyone to mix and match in order to customize their own unique treats. We look forward to sharing with you just how delectable the humble pudding can be! 

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