Winding Down Operations

Dear TPT Supporters, 

I have some bittersweet news to deliver. After nearly five years of working in this amazing food truck community with a fantastic team and enthusiastic fans, I have made the decision to wind down operations and sell The Pudding Truck. 

As anyone who has experienced it knows, the food truck industry is one full of incredibly hardworking and passionate people. But like any small business, owning and operating a truck is a grind. It takes tons of work, energy, and resources just to keep running and is completely beholden to factors as unpredictable as the weather. I have been so grateful to have had the opportunity to experience the incredible excitement that truckerdom brings. 

At the same time though, it is an exceptionally demanding industry. And this summer, I dug deep and ultimately realized that I have given everything to this quirky little concept that I can give. As much as I love The Pudding Truck and the joy it has brought to so many people, I decided that I needed to give myself permission to pursue my professional goals and continue my education in graduate school. 

I am so appreciative of my amazing team and the abundance of pudding lovers I have met along the way. You all helped make this goofy esoteric little concept a reality, and for that I thank you so much. I hope you all will join us as we go out "with a BOOM" on September 8th to celebrate all things pudding! 


I invite you to come indulge in some FREE pudding (giving it away all night, though tips for that aforementioned amazing team are encouraged), drink some delicious Boomtown beer, and party with us for TPT's last hurrah!

Lots of love,

(This message was reposted for Carrie, Owner of The Pudding Truck.)