Somebody Revoke My Millennial Card: an Apology from an Ambivalently Aspiring Blogger

Proof of my Millennialness: Toddler me in the straight up ninetiesest jacket ever created. Is that a built in fanny pack? Sure looks to be!

Proof of my Millennialness: Toddler me in the straight up ninetiesest jacket ever created. Is that a built in fanny pack? Sure looks to be!

As you might have noticed, it's been a minute since I've posted here. The truck's been doing well as we ramp up toward our busy season (which of course is summer) and it's going to be an awesome one, so we've got lots in the works! But even though I've been working hard on various aspects of our operations as well as growth and development, it's not that I haven't had time to post. The truth is, this whole putting-myself-out-there-for-folks-online-to-read thing does not come naturally to me at all. 

As a millennial business owner, I feel like all the branding, marketing, and social aspects of entrepreneurship are supposed to come easily to me. There's this idea that all young people just instantly know how to present themselves for an audience of strangers online. We grew up with all the tools, so we all know exactly what to do with them. Just give me a selfie stick and I should be good to go, right?

But the honest truth is that none of that stuff feels instinctual to me at all. I don't even have a personal Instagram. I barely use or check my Twitter and Facebook (unless I get a truck-related notification). And I genuinely don't get the function of Snapchat. I really do want to understand, but every time someone tries to get me on board I just get more confused about its purpose*. Even this list makes me feel like a real "old" because there's probably already some other cool app that everybody uses which I haven't even thought to mention (you know, because I don't know about it). If I want to really alienate any kind of Gen Z audience I might have, I can just mention that originally I signed up for Myspace because I thought it was a platform for downloading EPs from brands for free. Social network, schmocial schmetwork. I don't know how or even when I missed the boat, it just kind of happened. 

I think it's time somebody revoked my millennial card, don't you? I clearly am one (that jacket genuinely is all the proof you need), but sometimes I feel like I don't act my age when it comes to that stuff. Seriously, just banish me to Gen X island where they all sit around drinking Fuzzy Navels and talking about how weird it is that kids these days never had to use phone books and how great Reality Bites was. 

In any case, I think all that's why this whole blogging thing has been so slow to start for me. The whole point is to give folks some insight into the behind the scenes of TPT, which certainly does include me, yet I get self-conscious about putting myself out there because I worry that nobody actually wants to hear from me. I genuinely admire all my peers for whom this stuff does click. It's so cool that they just understand how to connect with an audience like that. It's not that I don't get how valuable that technology and those platforms are, they're just not inherently me. 

That being said though, I do want to post more often. I love The Pudding Truck brand, and if part of growing and nurturing it is to be more forthcoming and to reach out and try to connect with you guys (if you're out there!) more, then I absolutely will. I want to get you guys as excited as I am about all things TPT, and if that means sending my musings out into the world on a more regular basis, that's what I'll do! All of this is just to say: I'm sorry I haven't been a more active blogger. I'm gonna try harder, and I hope that you'll keep reading because we've got lots of cool stuff in the works! And as apprehensive and self-conscious as I tend to be, I'm really stoked to share :)

Uncomfortably yours,


*Wait, but seriously though, what is Snapchat for? Why would you care about your pics being temporary unless they're like dirty or something? Or is that what y'all do use it for? Oooooh you naughties! 

Carolyn Cohen