Made with love in los angeles

762 E Slauson Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90011
Phone: (213) 949-0366



Located in scenic Bend, Fairfield serves as an intensive hands-on cooking retreat offering a space to learn and relax. Praesent nibh tortor, pharetra nec semper id, finibus non ipsum. Fusce a urna magna. Ut risus sem, sodales eu finibus a, tincidunt eget ipsum. Praesent iaculis, diam vitae ultricies efficitur, mi quam vehicula purus, at dapibus justo orci ut ex. Nulla congue nisl id dignissim congue. Proin accumsan diam id magna pellentesque, id commodo massa laoreet. Sed cursus lectus sed pretium pretium.



Melrose Trading Post — 20+ year old open-air market with vendors selling antiques and vintage goods. Catch The Pudding Truck there every Sunday!

Stumptown Coffee — Popular coffee bar chain from Portland, Oregon offering direct-trade coffee. We've teamed up to offer their House-Blend and Cold Brew coffees!

Golden Road Brewing — Founded by Meg Gill and Tony Yanow, Golden Road Brewing brings craft beer to the local market in the most sustainable way possible. Golden Road has hosted The Pudding Truck's last two birthday events.



Originally a stay away summer camp for children, Fairfield was transformed in 2011 into a state of the art cooking retreat. Mauris consequat ullamcorper sapien, convallis sodales diam luctus vitae. Donec fermentum felis odio, at iaculis est viverra sit amet. Vestibulum elementum massa nec purus lacinia, et varius lorem finibus. Nullam felis felis, sagittis ut elit nec, mattis mattis lectus. Phasellus interdum eu nulla eu iaculis.



"The Pudding Truck is on a mission to take the childhood treat to the next level. " — LA Times

"THIS (pudding) IS AMAZING!" — @merrelltwins

"We’re so used to packaged pudding that we forget how delicious it can be when it’s handmade and fresh." — Viva Glam Magazine

"It’s creamy, addicting, and just perfect. " — Chew This Up