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The Pudding Truck is the first and only food truck to bring the decadent goodness of old-school American stove top pudding to the people of Los Angeles. 

Our founder Carrie Cohen first conceived the idea during a brief stint in the entertainment industry, when she realized her favorite part of the job was bringing in homemade treats for her coworkers. She was inspired to combine the inherently comforting and nostalgic connotations of pudding with an artisanal approach to bring something unique to both the specialty dessert market and the gourmet food truck scene. 

Made with local dairy and humanely harvested cage free eggs, our pudding is hand-whisked to rich and creamy perfection in small batches, utilizing the best ingredients we can source. Almost all of our puddings are naturally gluten-free, and we carefully craft vegan flavors to be a frequent presence on our rotating menu. A delightful array of toppings makes treats totally customizable, and everything is served up by a friendly team of pudding slingers who help make every customer feel like a kid again.




Since we’re rolling around all over Southern California, check our calendar to find out where we’ll be so you can experience how whimsical and delicious pudding can be!



We have several different flavors, ranging from classic favorites to rotating seasonal and vegan selections!

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Did you know that before launching The Pudding Truck our founder was a food blogger? Get "The Scoop" on all things TPT and beyond right from the source!

There’s something about a spoonful of chocolate pudding that unleashes a comforting sense of nostalgia.
— LA Times

Classic Flavors

Chocolate: To create our version of this quintessential pudding go-to, we use the perfect blend of milk and dark Belgian chocolates.

Butterscotch: We take the brown sugary goodness that defines Butterscotch up a notch with the inclusion of actual Single Malt scotch.

Vanilla Bean: Real Bourbon vanilla beans give this staple its distinctive smooth and creamy flavor.

Signature Sundaes

Southern-Style Banana Pudding: Our classic vanilla bean pudding layered and topped with homemade brown butter vanilla wafers, bananas, and fresh whipped cream. We Californians put a spin on the Southern staple and must have done something right, because it’s our absolute fan favorite.

Red Velvet: (Available only in June or by special request) Our creamy cheesecake pudding layered with homemade red velvet cake.  This pudding is a delicious twist on a traditional dessert.


Vegan: Chocolate Hazelnut, Key Lime Coconut, Brown Sugar Banana, Vanilla Almond, Toasted Coconut Rice Pudding.

Rotating: Pistachio Baklava, Stumptown Coffee, peanut Butter, Lemon, Cheesecake, Pumpkin.


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